Hello, Ria here! Thanks so much for visiting my Neocities page! I'm aiming to make this a early-mid 00s-esque personal site where I can freely talk about my favorite things. This is essentially where I feel the most comfortable being myself without worrying about the horrors of modern day social media. I'm literally just here to vibe!
 This site is best viewed on desktop! I've updated each main page (yes, including the fun corner pages), but I am also slowly making individual layouts for each shrine page. Please wait patiently for the updates!!

•Update 6/17/2024: Fun corner is now under a misc. tab, where my latest project, the TWINDREAMERS! minizine, is located!
•Update 5/29/2024: ShiftyLook shrine is up. It's a heavy WIP since I need to work on several media pages for it, but I'm putting it up as is for right now.
•Update 5/15/2024: Homepage layout has been updated (again)!